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Pump Packing

YC Industries provide the finest pump packing. The most common pump packing are aramid fiber, PTFE graphite, flexible graphite and PTFE fiber.

One cause of pump packing failure is improper packing selection. The key to prevent pump packing failure is to first select the proper packing. Check to see that your packing meets the operating parameters of the pump to be installed. Confirm packing temperature ranges, shaft-speed capabilities and fluid compatibility.

Our pump packing and be supplied in rope packing on reels or die formed ring sets.


Style 604D

PTFE/Graphite Pump Packing

Braided from PTFE yarn containing graphite particles. Preformed into rings for pumps. The graphite content conduct heat away from shaft.  Recommended for pump sealing on alkalis, solvents, water, steam, acid except strong oxidizing acids

Temperature: 550F (260C)                        pH: 0-14 

Pressure: 300 PSI (20 bar)                           Speed: 4000 FPM


Style 880CD

Flexible Graphite Pump Packing

Each strand of graphite yarn on styles 880CD is reinforced with a strong, graphitic carbon fiber yarn. Carbon fiber yarns are also added during the braiding construction. The finished braid is a self-lubricating, easy to use/remove; anti-extrusion packing that is widely used on pumps and valves.

Temperature: 1250F (650C)     pH: 0-14 except strong oxidizers

Pressure: 3600 PSI (250 bar)                      Speed: 4000 FPM


Style 620

PTFE Pump Packing

Style 620 is constructed with PTFE filament impregnated with PTFE.  Braided and die formed into pre-densified rings. Recommended use in rotating pumps and agitator for chemical resistance application. 

Temperature: 500F (260C)                         pH: 0-14                 

Pressure: 1000 PSI (70 bar)                          Speed: 3000 FPM


Style 556D

Aramid Pump Packing

Braided aramid packing treated with lubricant. Extremely strong characteristic makes it ideal packing for abrasive pump applications such as sand slurry and paper slurry. Impregnated with PTFE dispersion.

Temperature:  500F (260C)                         pH: 3-11

Pressure:  500 PSI (35 bar)                            Speed: 1900 FPM


** Other styles/specification of pump packing can be supplied according to customers demand.


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