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Other Compression Packing - Aramid - Flax - Joint Sealant

Style 550,556

Aramid Packing

Braided aramid packing treated with lubricant. Extremely strong characteristic makes it ideal packing for abrasive applications such as sand slurry and paper slurry. Impregnated with PTFE dispersion is also available.

Temperature: 550F (260C)                     pH: 3-11 

Pressure: 500 PSI (35 bar)                       Speed: 1900 FPM


Style 583

High Performance Synthetic Packing

Braided using Novaloid yarn, style 582 is an excellent general-purpose pump packing. Impregnated with PTFE and special break-in lubricant. .

Temperature: 480F (250C)                  

Pressure: 300 PSI (20 bar)                    Speed: 2000 FPM


Style 493,492S


Braided flax fiber of the highest quality. Finished braid is impregnated with waterproof hydraulic lubricant. graphite coated. Service packing for the marine industry.

Temperature: 250F (120C)                   pH: 5-9                          Construction: Interlocked    

Pressure: 250 PSI                                  Speed: 1200 FPM

*492S is square braid construction with petroleum wax and graphite lubrication.  


Style 585

Papermill /Caustic Packing

Braided using YC Thermo Fiber, impregnated with PTFE. Style 585 provides outstanding leakage control, excellent heat resistance and easy on the shaft. Ideal for high caustic levels seen in pulp and paper, chemical process. .

Temperature: 550F (260C)                   pH: 1-13   

Pressure: 300 PSI (20 bar)                    Speed: 2000 FPM


Style 578

Tank Lid Packing

Style 578 is designed with a high pressure-resilient rubber core, which is wrapped with high temperature resistant fiber. The core is then over-braided with chemical resistant fiber yarn. The combination of rubber core and chemical resistant fiber yarn make style 999 an excellent packing to use on tank covers, hatches and lids on road and rail.

Temperature: 210F (100C)                   pH: 0-14

Pressure: 200 PSI (15 bar)                    Speed: 1000 FPM


Style T12

PTFE Joint Sealant

100% expanded virgin PTFE joint sealant. Long lasting, inert to all common chemicals with self adhesive backing.

Temperature: 600F (315C)                   pH: 0-14

Pressure: 3000 PSI (200 bar) 



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