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Fiberglass Packing


High temperature Fiberglass Packing textile products.  YC Industries provides fiberglass packing products made of continuous fiberglass yarn filament.  Packing made from these Fiberglass have excellent heat resistance property. Working temperatures up to 1000F continuous service.  Low thermal conductivity and resists most acids and alkalis.  Our fiberglass packing products are asbestos free.  And our fiberglass packing can be reinforced with steel wires.


Fiberglass Packing are widely used in industrial insulation applications including boiler, industrial oven and stove doors. 


Style 922SB

Fiberglass Packing - Square Braid

Square Braided with continuous inorganic fiberglass fibers.  Will not burn or shrink.

Temperature: 1000F (540C)                         

000 FPM


Style 922RB

Fiberglass Packing - Round Braid

Braided round construction, used for boilers, oven and furnaces.

Temperature: 1000F (540C)    


Style 922TR

Fiberglass Packing - Twisted Rope

Resist most acid and bases. Very flexible.

Temperature: 1000F (540C)                        


Style 922C

Fiberglass Textile - Cloth

Made with continuous filament yarn.  Cloth can be used as welding blankets and fire curtains. 

Temperature:  1000F (540C)      



Style 922TS

Fiberglass Textile - Sleeve

Fiberglass filament tubular braided.  Insulation for hose and cable protection.  

Temperature:  1000F (540C)                      


Style 922T

Fiberglass Textile - Tadpole Tape

Fiberglass yarn with rigid construction.  Used in ovens, boilers and groove packing for door seal.  Can be coated with PTFE and reinforced with wire.  

Temperature:  1000F (540C)                 



** Other styles/specification of fiberglass packing can be supplied according to customers demand.


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